We use to provide a Keratin Blow-out. For several reasons, we have decided to discontinue using Keratin blow-out.

Instead, we are excited to introduce a new treatment called `Natane Blow-out’.

For over a year, we have been experimenting with different Japanese plant-based ingredients. After much reserch  and testing, we have found a new product that works in a similar way to Keratin.

The main ingredient for this new product comes from a special yellow flower called `Natane’ that blooms at the same time as the cherry blossom in Japan. This Japanese plant-based product makes hair look health with more body and shine. It also helps defrizz the hair and makes it softer and manageable. It last long time. And it is safe and mild.

We have started to use it as a substitute for Keratin Blow-out at A Cut Above. We hope you will enjoy this new product and treatment.



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