Herb Color
Herb Color was originally formulated as an all natural ingredients hair treatment. Later diamine, a chemical pigment used in all hair colorings, was added to the treatment to improve hair condition without damaging it. Herb Color will not only lighten hair color, it will also tint grey hair nicely, from the roots. It is not recommended for people who are allergic to diamine.
Alkaline Color
Alkaline Color has the largest number of color variations. It is permanent. It both tones up and tones down the color of the hair. As it is a chemical, in some cases it may cause an allergic reaction.
Low Alkaline Color
Low Alkaline Color is semi-permanent and provides fewer color variations than permanent color.It provides less stimulation of the scalp.
Acid Color
Acid Color is called “hair manicure”. It does not lighten the hair and has no tone-up effect.
It is semi-permanent. We cannot put the color directly on the scalp. It is suitable for a person who has allergic problems.
Henna Color
Totally natural. Color variations are limited.
We can apply the color directly on the scalp.
PPDA-Free Hair Color
PPDA is known to cause allergies.
We now carry PPDA-Free products for those who are allergy-prone.


We have quite a few types of perm to suit all kinds of hair textures and your individual preferences.
We can choose the best formula for you from our large selection for:
Normal hair
Tinted hair
Damaged hair
“Cosme Curl” (Hair can be permed the same day of coloring.)

Straight Perm and Hair Relaxer

We offer a straight perm as well as three different types of hair relaxers to meet your individual needs.
Liscio (Straight perm)
Liscio can make the hair extremely straight without having to blow-dry it.
Your hair will be straight after the process and impossible to curl. We use a special iron to create this effect.
Sleek (Relaxer)
Sleek can make the hair reasonably straight without any damage. Your hair won’t be perfectly straight. We use a special iron to create this effect.
Thermal (Relaxer)
Thermal can make the hair relatively straight. It is also possible to leave some big curls if you would like, according to the way the iron is controlled. There is little damage to the hair.
Cysteine (Relaxer)
Our mildest relaxer. Softens the curl or the wave of your hair without damaging it. No iron is used.
(We protect any parts of the hair that have been previously treated with relaxer containing special deep conditioning products to prevent further damage to the hair.)

Conditioning Treatment

Linkage-EX Deep Conditioning Treatment
A long lasting conditioner.
Linkage-EX effects will last over a month if you use the home care kit also,
while the effects of ordinary deep conditioners last for only for a few shampoos.
Pre-Treatment for Color and Perms
Big-particle keratin restores the surface of the hair. It becomes solid with the heat of the dryer and adds body to the hair.
Collagen is a small particle that penetrates deep into the hair and makes the hair soft.
Bright-up Conditioner
This conditioner makes a film on the hair. The effect lasts for more than 3 weeks.
It especially protects the hair from ultraviolet rays and sea-water as well as other damaging environmental effects.
Since it is acid ph, we recommend it for use after coloring and/or perming to neutralize alkaline hair.

Keratin Blow-out Treatment(Brazilian Blow-out)

Keratin Blow-out is a technique and treatment using special keratin to improve hair quality, leaving hair soft and shiny while reducing frizz. It can be used on all hair types especially over processed and chemically treated hair.
It makes the hair more manageable, requiring less blow-drying time.
It is not permanent. It naturally fades out of the hair in a few months.
It is made in Japan and is of course formaldehyde-free.

ID Shampoo

We will tailor an individual shampoo for you after a hair check-up.
To match your scalp’s ion balance, we use only natural ingredients with a fully-proven method.
This is especially recommended for people who are losing hair or who have a sensitive scalp.