Look, what I did today, I made the best white hairstyle I’ve ever done.

Believe it or not , before bleaching , he had a all-black hair.

To minimize damaging your hair, we may ask you to separate the days you come.

we have a secret product and it made him hair completely white.

Price ¥30,000~


Hair donation is  for patients who struggle with cancer or other diseases.

Because of  anti cancer therapy, they get  strong side effects.

One of them is ” hair loss”

More than 31cm long hair is required for hair donation.

I gave her  a ombre’ color.

With ombre’ you can enjoy a contrast between dark and light.

This makes your hair so cool and we have many varieties of color.

We are looking forward to seeing you.



Today, I’m telling you about what is Japanese Keratin-Treatment.

Because of Japanese rule of hair dresser is strict, we are not allowed to use  other type of Keratins which contains harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde.

For this reason above, Japanese Keratin is not stronger than other ones and Japanese Keratin  can’t straighten  your hair as they do.

But  Japanese Keratin not only calms down your hair volumes and curls but also ,makes your hair looks  healthy and shinny.

Look at this picture below.




During winter season in Japan, it is hard to keep nice hairstyle  because of static electricity,  especially  for people with thin hair.  Some oils may solve the problem but it makes one’s hairstyle flat.

A Cut Above recommends “Nature Silky Hair Treatment “.  It helps to keep your hairstyle full, without static all day long  and the effect will for weeks. It is made from natural  ingredients only, without silicon or synthesized surfactant.

Please have a try.