Guess what? I cut his hair today. His name is Sina Karimian

He is K-1 Champion. He  is not only strong but also very very kind. I became his fan now.

He is gonna fight Sep 20th at Yokohama Arena.  I’d love to go, but no ticket. Let’s support him together.


These days, it has been very hot.

This summer heat is killing me & covid case is still getting worse.

But Paralympic Games is starting soon.

I’m worried about athletes.

Hopefully no problem in this event.

Processed with Focos

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Now rainy season is over, I’ve had a chance for photo shoot since I did last six months ago. Despite this, I’m so satisfied with my pics.

It hasn`t finished the rainy season, but we have planted new summer flowers. From left Super Torenia, Arabian Night, Melampodium, Calibracha, and Torenia. We hope they all could be beautiful in mid-summer.

We always appreciate our customers coming here even in this circumstance.

But we should be optimistic.

As you can see on our website, we take care of you with good safety measure.

But some customers are still afraid of going out.

I know how their feelings are, but please come again after CO-VID is over.

We hope to see you again.