A new idea with Herb Color

After tinting with regular chemical color, tint all with Herb Color. Herb Color was originally formulated as an all-natural ingredients hair treatment. Later diamine, a chemical pigment used in all colorings, was added to the treatment to improve hair condition without damaging it. In this way you will be able to improve your hair condition […]

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We planted new flowers today.

These are cosmos and marigold.

Japanese summer is so hot, so please take care your body and not to get sun stroke.

Make sure drink a water as much as you can.

Cherry blossoms are blooming now in front of my hair salon.

But this year we can’t enjoy “Hanami”  because of Coronavirus

and Tokyo Olympics is postponed until last year.

Yesterday, I went to the new station that is called Takanawa Gateway station.

It was opened last Saturday.

It looks totally different from other Yamanote station .

It has open ceiling space like Kyoto Stayion.

This time, there are less people than I expected.

It’s snowing right now.

So It is suddenly getting cold.

Actually it used to be cold in March.

But recently It has been warm in this year.

I don’t know which clothes I should wear.

I’m going to catch a cold.

Anyway, thank you for coming  here in spite of bad weather.







Because of the coronavirus  infection,

we have an antiseptic.

Everyone is concerned .

I hope this issue will be resolved as quickly as possible.




Tokyo Olympics is coming soon.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Olympic games.

But unfortunately, I don’t have  any ticket.

Anyway many foreigners are coming at this time.

Traffic would be so heavy.

I’m worried about that.