Everyone has their own hair texture.
When it is humid it is difficult to manage.
Today I would like to talk about frizzy hair.

There are 2 types of hair curls.
Type A  loses curls when it gets wet.
Type B gets curls when it gets wet.

Type A gets curls when it gets dry
Type B loses curls when it gets dry
And when it is in between it goes frizzy.

We used Paul Mitchell Flexible Style Fast Drying Sculpting Spray to keep the curls for a long

lasting hold.

Hair changes all the time with shampooing, drying, ironing, natural oxidations, UV and so on.

Chemical procedures like perming and coloring also change the texture of the hair a lot.

A Cut Above has appropriate treatments for all kinds of damages to the hair.

Not only hair but scalp is dammaged by UV in summer.

A Cut Above is providing Organic Scalp Treatment (Head Spa). Based on natural products, non preservatives, synthetic surfactant-free. This scalp cleansing contains natural herbs which is anti-inflammatory and promotes good blood circulation. A regular usage is recommended.   

Keratin-Blowout & Booster


It is said that the Japanese Keratin Blow-out is gentler  than the ones  overseas. It
is inevitable  because of the Japanese policy for certain chemicals.

A Cut Above has prepared adding a  Booster to make the effect stronger.



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We would recommend you to use your hair-dryer in cool mode.

It is good for not only hair but scalpe . It coud add body with nice massages  without any damages.

And it could nurtre healthy hair, too.

In our last brog we explanined how to cope with Frizzy hair. In this time we would like to introduce our dry cut techniques. It is very effective techniques for Type A curls, which lose curls when it gets wet. We think we should cut this type of hair when it is dry. And also we can be more cleative to cut it.

At this time of year, every hair  changes its texture a bit as if it knows the change of the season, unruly frizzy and so on. People want to change their hair style compare  to other seasons.  So spring is a busy season for hairdressers.