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Our new coffee mill

We have changed our coffee mill.

Our previous mill became dull and  were not able to grind such fine coffee powder .

We  think  that a fine coffee powder makes a good flavor with espresso machines

We have been getting special french roasted coffee beans at the same roasting shop for ages.

Please enjoy our superb coffee.

Dry Cut

Like a fingernail is soft after taking a bath, so is hair when it is wet.

We almost always cut hair wet rather than dry, after shampooing.

Hair styles, though always are naturally dry.

In order to cut with the clients face and hair proportions in mind,

we need to cut hair dry to see how the natural curls and waves flow.

That the reason why we need a dry cut.

PPDA-Free Hair Color

PPDA is used for almost all hair colors.

It turns dark when it is oxidizied.

This is the reason why it is used in many hair colors.

However as some clients are allergic to PPDA, once a person gets allergic, it is quit permanent.

We use Henna or Hair-Manicure which doesn’t apply on a scalp  derectly for clients who are

allergic to PPDA.

Recently we found PPDA-Free alkaline color and PPDA-Free Herb Color which is organic.

There aren’t large valuations of colors but you don’t have to worry about PPDA and allergies.


Keratin Blow-out

Please note that we have stopped providing the Keratin Blow-out due to change in import regulations.

We are currently looking for a new supplier.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.


We are now experimenting with different Japanese  plant-based ingredients that are quite similar to

Keratin. These Japanese plant-based ingredients are made from a special yellow flower called ‘Natane’

that blooms at the same time as the cherry blossoms in Japan. This product makes hair look health with

more body and shine. It also helps defrizz the hair and makes it softer and more manageable. It last fairly long time. It is safe and mild.

We may start to use it as a substitute for the Keratin that we used before.

We are testing it now.


Golden Week

Golden Week refers to the period from April 29th to May 5th when there are four national holidays.

Including Saturdays and Sundays Japanese have more than a week of holidays at this time.

A Cut Above takes off on every Tuesday and national holidays , so we are closed from 2nd to 5th .

Enjoy this beautiful spring time before following rainy season.

Highly Damaged hair loses color easily as it doesn’t have enough substances which graves onto the color properly.

A Cut Above recommends Herb Color as toner.

Herb Color was originally formulated as an all-natural ingredients hair treatment. Later diamine, a chemical pigment used in all colorings, was added to the treatment to improve hair condition without damaging it. This is the reason why the color lasts longer.

Additionally, the color lasts after applying Keratin-Blow-out for the same reasons.