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UV Care in summer

We could use Herb Color ‘Clear’ for a UV-care hair treatment in summer.

It is 100% natural products.  The effects last more than a month.

And it could be a hair toner adding colors, too.

(Herb Color was originally formulated as an all natural ingredients hair treatment. Later diamine, a chemical pigment used in all hair colorings, was added to the treatment to improve hair condition without damaging it.)

The hair gets frizzy when it is muggy.

Our Colza Treatment can keep your hair less frizzy for more than a month.

A natural based substance reacts with heat and keeps your hair less frizzy.


And we have started our Keratin Treatment (Keratin Blow-out) service using a compatible Japanese product,  too. It is quite a safe and trustworthy product.

So please give them a try!

Color Class

We took a special class for your gray hair.

personally, I had been looking forward to taking his class.

Because he is a famous hair dresser in Japan.

And my friend recommended  me ” his class was nice, and funny”

Finally I took his class and I think his class was beyond  my expectation.

Thank you for giving such a good class.

We keep studying  how to improve  your hair condition.


If you need both a hair color and a relaxer to keep your hair good condition, I would highly recommend you to choose a Keratin Blow-out instead of  a chemical relaxer.

If you need a  hair color and a hair relaxer I would choose a Herb color instead of chemical   color.

And if you ask me to choose the best combination of a hair color and a relaxer for your  hair I would say a Herb color  with a Keratin Blow-out, since both of them were originally  hair treatments.

I wouldn’t  choose a chemical color and a chemical relaxer.

It is the worst combination, because it is very hard on your hair.

It depend on the hair and the hair style which you want, though.

Please feel free to ask us.