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Kid’s Cut

A very cute client came to have a hair cut♪

For Boys Price Below↓↓

For 0~5 years: 2000 yen

6~11 years: 3000 yen

12~15 years: 4000 yen

16~18 years: 5000 yen

with shampoo ̟̟+ 500 yen

*excluded tax



For Girls Price Below↓↓

For 0~ 5 years: 2500 yen

6~11 years: 3500 yen

12~15 years: 4500 yen

16~18 years: 5500 yen


with shampoo + 500 yen


*all excluded tax


Please call us to make an appointment.

We speak English as well.


We look forward to seeing you!!


Have a great summer


Thank you


A Cut Above















































Where will you go in the summer vacation? I love Hawaii and I just went there 2 weeks ago.  It was amazing time to stay there. I just chilled and relaxed…Before you go somewhere, you had better to prepare!! To be nice hair and after that you can enjoy your vacation!!

Whenever you would like to come to our salon, just call us and make an appointment!! We are looking forward to see you before you leave.

Phone number: 03-3441-7218

Hope to you have a great summer!!


Thank you



✂A Cut Above✂

The hair gets frizzy when it is muggy.

Our Colza Treatment can keep your hair less frizzy for more than a month.

A natural based substance reacts with heat and keeps your hair less frizz.

Although it is not as strong as Keratin Blow-out, it makes the hair more manageable safely.







It will be  great news for people who have fine and thin hair.

We have started  providing services with a Long-lasting Volume-up Treatment.

The substance reacts with heat and stays in the hair permanently.

It will make the hair full and shiny for more than a month even after shampooing.

It is made from a  plant, so it  is quite safe and works very well. It also makes the hair strong .

Please ask our staff.


We have changed our coffee mill.

Our previous mill became dull and  were not able to grind such fine coffee powder .

We  think  that a fine coffee powder makes a good flavor with espresso machines

We have been getting special french roasted coffee beans at the same roasting shop for ages.

Please enjoy our superb coffee.